About Edapt

A little bit about us

We are Melbourne based education software company on a mission to empower young people to blaze their own trails

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Who we are

It all started in 2020

Edapt was started in 2020 by Chris Hoang and Eugene Roizman.

They both shared a vision for a new system that would value what student's learn both outside and inside the classroom. Where they learn how to solve real problems, not pass tests. Where they learn how to think, instead of what to think.

Our Manifesto

Because one size does not fit all

No two students are the same.
No set of dreams alike.
No path predetermined.

Yet our 100 year old education system seems to think one-size-fits all.

At Edapt we believe quite the opposite.
One size does not fit all.

We believe education’s role is helping young people find their passion.
Because passion drives progress.
And progress reveals our potential.

Today’s world rewards the unique.
Those that find their place and tap into what comes naturally.
It’s that place, the education system is here to help young people uncover.

We are Edapt Education.

And we’re empowering young people to blaze their own trails.

the team

Team work makes the dream work

Chris Hoang
Founder and CEO
Eugene Roizman
Co-founder and Product Lead
Bree Morgan
Head of Customer Success
Scott Acker
Mihi De Silva
Community Manager
Michael Baker
Data Engineer
Bernhard Anderson
Byron Scaf - CEO @ Stile Education
Advisory Board Member
Summer Howarth - Founder @ The Eventful Learning Co
Advisory Board Member
Dean McDonald- CEO @ RTG Group
Advisory Board Member
Adriano Di Prato - Partner @ A School For Tomorrow
Advisory Board Member
Sarah Worboys - Partner @ Saniel Ventures
Advisory Board Member