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Empower Students with Digital Portfolios

Whether a scientific report, a visual art project or an article for the newspaper, the goal of a learning portfolio is to hand over the reins to the students and allow them to become responsible for demonstrating learning and reflection.

Here are three reasons to start today:

1. Improve student buy-in through co-ownership

Putting the student in charge of creating a portfolio is a great way to ensure they have buy-in on the process. By scaffolding the students through the process, you give them a chance to shape the product they are working towards and make choices on what best represents their journey.

To get started:

  • Explain the purpose of the portfolio
  • Explain assessment criteria or rubric
  • Show examples of high quality work

2. Improve learning and reflection

A portfolio presents students an opportunity to showcase learning as it unfolds. Incorporating student reflections into the work can empower students to take improved steps forward so they can fix past mistakes and set their own goals.

To get started:

  • Create a reflections area within the portfolio
  • Establish a frequency for student reflections (weekly or fortnightly!)

3. Connect and support with student IEP goals

Learning portfolios can be used to design accommodations and modifications to go alongside a student IEP. By tracking progress and development, a portfolio forms the evidence towards goals in an educational plan.

Empower the student to decide:

  • How would you like to show what you’ve achieved?
  • How can we make sure you’re getting help when you’re stuck?
  • How can we celebrate the wins you’re making?
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